We offer many benefits

      Social member events - guided tours - lectures and debates - qualifying member courses - fun and challenging events in Copenhagen 

      In addition to the possibility of acting as a volunteer at exciting events, active members are also offered the chance to participate in various courses and types of education.
      As part of our efforts to become the world’s best volunteer corps, we try to help improve the skills of our volunteers to the jobs they are sent out to do.
      We’ve started offering the course 'Den Kompetente Frivillige' (The Competent Volunteer), where subjects such as communication, conflict solving and cultural differences are studied through exciting lectures and seminars.

      Den Frivillige Lederuddannelse (Volunteer Leadership Education) is an offer for members who would like more responsibility in the form of being an area manager at different events.

      We hold member events such as banquets, tours of relevant cultural institutions, and member nights with different lectures.
      We try to offer our members good and inspirational events in the company of each other.
      To see current courses, educational possibillities and events, please have a look at the menu to the left.

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      • 20. February

        Your member profile

        It happens that you change your email or your phone number.

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      • 9. December

        Christmas Get-Together

        Wednesday 11 December, we will meet up for our Christmas event

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      • 12. November

        Multicultural Dinner Party

        Two more days...!

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      • 12. November


        All is well again

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      • 5. November

        Welcome to Tilde Blaaberg Rørvig

        We add a new member to the team

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      • 4. November

        Database with flu

        **** Our database have come down with a case of flu...which unfourtunately means you can't sig sign up to become a member right now. We hope and cross our fingers that it will be up and running again tomorrow :-)

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      • 31. October

        A sad day

        A goodbye

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