If you have questions or you would like some more information about Cph Volunteers, write us on and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Cph Volunteers is a part of the Service & Forandring department of Copenhagen Municipality. 

    Postal address:
    Cph Volunteers
    Service og Forandring
    Nørre Søgade 35, 4. sal
    1370 København K

    E-mail :
    Phone: 33 66 66 48


    Stine Nepper-Christensen
    3366 6648.


    Jane Marco                                
    33 66 66 19    


    Lis Rugaard

    2496 8268


    Anders Sejerøe
    2634 4600


    Julie Olsen

    2156 2785


    Lis Rugaard

    2496 8268


    Helle Rusch
    2485 6064




    Signe Stoholm
    33 66 66 19   




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    • 20. February

      Your member profile

      It happens that you change your email or your phone number.

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    • 9. December

      Christmas Get-Together

      Wednesday 11 December, we will meet up for our Christmas event

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    • 12. November

      Multicultural Dinner Party

      Two more days...!

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    • 12. November


      All is well again

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    • 5. November

      Welcome to Tilde Blaaberg Rørvig

      We add a new member to the team

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    • 4. November

      Database with flu

      **** Our database have come down with a case of flu...which unfourtunately means you can't sig sign up to become a member right now. We hope and cross our fingers that it will be up and running again tomorrow :-)

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    • 31. October

      A sad day

      A goodbye

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    • 17. October

      4 more years!

      The 12 September the politicians agreed to give Cph Volunteers the financial framework to continue another 4 years.

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