If you have questions or you would like some more information about Cph Volunteers, write us on and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Cph Volunteers is a part of the Events department of Copenhagen Municipality. 

    Postal address:
    Cph Volunteers
    Folkeoplysning, Tilskud & Events
    Nyropsgade 1, 3. sal
    1602 København V

    E-mail :
    Phone: 33 66 66 48

    Stine Nepper-Christensen 

    Project Manager in Cph Volunteers 

    You can contact Stine on 
    or by phone on +45 33 66 66 48. 


    Jane Marco

    Project coordinator in Cph Volunteers

    You can contact her on
    or by phone on +45 33 66 66 19.     


    Signe Stoholm

    Communications assistant in Cph Volunteers   

    You can contact Signe on     
    or by phone on +45 33 66 66 48.   



    Tilde Blaaberg Rørvig

    Project coordinator for Cph Volunteers

    You can contact Tilde on
    or by phone on +45 33 66 66 19         



    Anne-Lise Jacobsen - Freelance graphic designer for Cph Volunteers and The Volunteer Day



    Anne-Sofie Stampe - Communications assistant at Cph Volunteers                                  

    On maternity leave     

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    • 20. February

      Your member profile

      It happens that you change your email or your phone number.

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    • 9. December

      Christmas Get-Together

      Wednesday 11 December, we will meet up for our Christmas event

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    • 12. November

      Multicultural Dinner Party

      Two more days...!

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    • 12. November


      All is well again

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    • 5. November

      Welcome to Tilde Blaaberg Rørvig

      We add a new member to the team

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    • 4. November

      Database with flu

      **** Our database have come down with a case of flu...which unfourtunately means you can't sig sign up to become a member right now. We hope and cross our fingers that it will be up and running again tomorrow :-)

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    • 31. October

      A sad day

      A goodbye

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    • 17. October

      4 more years!

      The 12 September the politicians agreed to give Cph Volunteers the financial framework to continue another 4 years.

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    • 19. September

      Kick-off 2013 is the party of the year at CphBusiness 4 October

      Kick-off is Thé party where we gather the 6 departments under CphBusiness for the event of the year.

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